• Department of Education
  • South Texas Geological Society

Individual (Monetarily)

  • Peter Anderson
  • Andrea Smith

Individual (Time/Presenters)

  • Peter Anderson (University of Houston)
  • Mary CanChola (UT San Antonio)
  • Walt Gray (UT San Antonio)
  • Katherine Tilghman (University of Houston)
  • Xiang Ling (University of Houston)
  • Joel Saylor (University of Houston)
  • Kurt Sundell (University of Houston)
  • Tyson Smith (University of Houston)
  • Laurel Galm (UT San Antonio)
  • Janet Jordan (UT San Antonio)
  • Crystal Saadeh (University of Houston)
  • Nick Bartschi (University of Houston)
  • Maria Paz (Kinder Morgan)
  • Andrea Smith
  • Brent Lucas (Lewis Oil)
  • Michaelann Demille (University of Houston)
  • David Lankford-bravo (University of Houston)
  • Soty Odoh (University of Houston)
  • Claire McLeod (University of Houston)
  • Sabrina Martinez (University of Houston)
  • Andrea Meado (University of Houston)
  • Clark Sturdevant (University of Houston)
  • Riddhi Dave (University of Houston)
  • Dan Sullivan (University of Houston)
  • Lokin Casturi (University of Houston)
  • Gabe Valadez
  • Jonathan Snow (University of Houston)

Special Thanks to Andrew Kapral and the UH college of education


  • The Geological Society of America (2009 geologic timescale banner image)
  • Rice University Education Outreach program (for all the contact info that got this off the ground in Houston)

Thank you as well to anyone I may have forgotten.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to our cause please contact us directly, and we will set up the donation through the University of Houston